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How to Connect PS4 Controller to iPhone

ps4 controller to iphone

So, you’ve just got Fortnite Mobile or some other great video game and want to know how to connect your PS4 controller to iPhone or iPad? Though the option to add a controller is not currently available, there will be a feature to connect a controller once Epic Games launches its bluetooth update from within the app.

However, the bluetooth update will only allow certified Apple MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad) controllers. If you want to connect a PS4 controller to your iOS device, you’ll have to go through various steps.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To iPhone or iPad

They’ll be no easy way to connect your PS4 controller to Fortnite Mobile, but there will be a way once the bluetooth feature has been enabled. First up, you’ll have to own a jailbroken iPhone (which is something we don’t recommend). Jailbreaking your iPhone allows you download external files and make tweaks to your phone that aren’t currently available via iOS.

How to connect PS4 controller to iPhone

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One of these files includes the “Controllers For All” Cydia file. This enables you to use external controllers, including a PS4 controller on your iPhone. Right now, however, the only control options available in Fortnite Mobile are touchscreen and gyro controls.

If you’re looking to connect a PS4 controller to iPhone to play another game other than Fortnite Mobile, then – providing that game has bluetooth enabled – the “Controllers For All” Cydia file is an option that works.

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