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Far Cry 5 Skill Tree – How To Spend Your Perk Points

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By spending points on the Far Cry 5 skill tree, you can cater your playstyle exactly how you want. As explained in our Far Cry 5 perks guide, you earn perk points in the game by completing side-quests and missions.

In Far Cry 5, these points can then be spent across five different categories. Each category favors a certain playstyle, so depending on whether you want to sneaking around and opening safes to unlock those silver bars, or mastering a range of weapons, will depend which area you want to focus on.

In the following Far Cry 5 skill tree, we'll take a look at each perk and how it can help you.

far cry 5 skill tree guide
In the Far Cry 5 skill tree, you can even upgrade Boomer.

Survivalist Skill Tree

Human Fish: You can swim faster and hold your breath under water for longer. This helps you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Fisher King: Fish will tire more quickly. Also unlocks new types of flies in the Fishing rod slot of the utility wheel for catching heavier fish. Fish can be sold for cash, so this is a great perk to get money fast.

Repair Torch: The repair torch is added to your utility wheel. You can use it to open safes and repair vehicles. This is also a good perk for getting money out of those safes!

King of the Jungle: Animal attack damage is reduced and predators will go for nearby enemies rather than you. Animals that usually flee when you're hunting them may also stay still longer.

Kick-Ass Binoculars: You can tag enemies and animals through solid objects like walls! We're also got some other great stealth tips!

Harvest Master: Enjoy a double cash boost from all plant and animals you sell.

There's also four levels of health boosts that cost 6-9 perk points. You can boost your health up to 300%!

Renegade Skill Tree

Parachute: This perk comes in handy because you'll be able to jump from aircraft and float down to safety.

Wingsuit: A Far Cry favorite, this wingsuit means you'll be able to glide across the map.

Vehicle Buster: Cause more damage to vehicles.

Saboteur: You can set a vehicle on fire by sabotaging the hood.

Booby Trap:Create a booby trap by approaching a vehicles hood. Next time it gets hit it will explode.

Auto Repair: This is a great skill to get if you drive a lot! You can repair all vehicles automatically.

Heavy Weapon Mastery:You can switch between, reload faster and aim better with LMGs, flamethrowers and launchers.

Rifle Mastery: Your aiming and reload speed with rifles will be quicker.

Weapons Pro: Your aiming and reload speed with shotguns and SMGs will be quicker.

Assassin Skill Tree

Grapple: The grapple tool is essential to move around the game world faster. Just look out for grapple spots.

assassins grapple
Each perk costs points and it’s up to you which direction to go in the Far Cry 5 skill tree.

Nimble Fingers: You can carry out some tasks quicker, such as crafting items, disabling alarms and opening safes.

Sneaky Sprint: You can move at speed with crouching.

Master Blaster: You only need half the amount of components to craft explosives, but first you'll have to Help Zip at the Kupka Ranch in Holland Valley to unlock it.

Takedown Mastery: Takedown range increases and it unlocks sidearm, chain and melee throws.

Ghost: Great for stealth fans, you are much quieter when moving and your fall damage is reduced.

Throwback: If someone throws a projectile at you, you can lob it straight back.

Locksmith: Open those safes silently and any other locked doors.

Close combat mastery: Melee weapons last longer and your aiming and reload speed is improved.

Primal Mastery Reload: Great for hunters! You can get a quicker aim and reload with bows and slingshots.

Far Cry 5 Skill Tree perks – With this one you can open safes.

Prepper Skill Tree

Close Combat Gear Bag: Pack more handgun ammo and melee weapons in your bag.

Journey Pack: Your inventory is expanded, and you can now pack five medkits.

Tactical Ammo Bag: Increase the amount of shotgun and SMG ammo you can carry.

Quiver: Increase the amount of arrows you can carry.

Rifle Ammo Bag: Space for .50cal and rifle ammo is expanded.

Throwables Bag: Bring more throwing knives, explosives and bait with you.

Special Ammo Bag: Ability to carry more incendiary, armor piercing ammo and rocket launcher ammo.

Heavy Ammo Bag: Pack your back even more with rocket launcher, grenade launcher, flamethrower and LMG ammo.

Additional Holster:Carry a 3rd weapon of any type in your weapon wheel.

Weapons Collector: You can't buy this skill until you've defeated one lieutenant. When you do you carry a fourth weapon of any type.

Leader Skill Tree

You can't upgrade any leaders until you've recruitment them in the game. Follow our Far Cry 5 Recruitment guide to discover where to find them. Once unlocked, you can enable each of your Guns For Hire or Fangs for Hire tor return faster after being injured.

The cost is 4 skill points for:

  • Boomer
  • Sharky
  • Peaches
  • Jess
  • Grace Hurk
  • Nick Rye
  • Adelaide
  • Cheeseburger

For 6 skill points you can add an additional slot in your squad for single player. This allows you to bring two Guns For Hire on missions.

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