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No Man’s Sky Expeditions Guide, Tips and Tricks

Expeditions Guide

Check out our how to complete Expeditions guide for the next step your No Man’s Sky NEXT galactic journey!

No Man’s Sky huge NEXT update allows players to control their own Freighter. You can also command your Frigates to go on space expeditions. Such expeditions are useful as they provide additional resources that5 you can use to advance in the game. So here’s our 3 steps to complete No Man’s Sky Expeditions guide below.

3 Steps to Complete No Man’s Sky Expeditions

Step 1- Control a Freighter

No Man’s Sky NEXT update overhauled the Freighter aspect of the game. There are now many ways to get No Man’s Sky Freighters. Once you have a Freighter, you can begin acquiring Frigates. Frigates are huge starships that you can also control and send out on expeditions. Get as many Frigates as you can to build a fleet, then you can send out Frigates fleet using the fleet command room. Building many command rooms can give you more expeditions at a time.

Step 2- Start the Sky Expeditions

To do this, first go to your Freighter’s central command center. Then talk to the navigation NPC and it will give you the list of expeditions you can explore. Once you choose the expedition you like, press and hold the square button to select it. Then choose the Frigates you want to use for that expedition.

Step 3-Wait for your Frigates to return from Sky Expeditions

You can see the duration of the expedition in your mission list, allowing you to know when your fleet should return. Once you get the notification that your Frigates have already returned, go back to the fleet command room. From here, interact with the terminal and the commander will then debrief you on the results of these expeditions.

Sky Expeditions Guide Tips and Tricks

  • Align the type of ship you’ll send with these expeditions. So for example, sending trade or industrial ships on combat expeditions will bring you failure rather than success.
  • Choose Frigates of the same star rating and match them with the difficulty of the mission.
  • Monitor the status of the expeditions in your fleet command room. If the commander informs you that your ships are damaged, you may want to abort the mission.

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