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DayZ Error Code 24 – What It Is & Possible Fixes

DayZ error code 24 has been rearing its ugly head for PS4 gamers lately alongside DayZ error code 9, leaving many users unable to access Bohemia Interactive’s popular open-world survival title. As such, we’ve done a bit of digging around the web and come up with some details on DayZ error code 24 to hopefully shed more light on the situation.

DayZ Error Code 24 – What Is It?

Interestingly, DayZ error code 24 doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as widespread as DayZ error code 9. However, it appears it is related to the game’s servers, as users who have experienced the issue have said that their server list fails to show up.

From what we can gather, the error code pertains to a major outage for the DayZ servers, so if you’re experiencing it, then you are unlikely to be the only one.

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DayZ Error Code 24 – Possible Fixes

DayZ error code 24 is a widespread server issue, and therefore it’s down to the developer to fix things. All you can do is really wait and see what happens, although in the latest case, the issue appears to have been resolved pretty quickly.

One possible solution to dry is restarting your PS4 completely, which may resolve the problem. Likewise, disconnecting from your Wi-Fi and rebooting may also work. As mentioned though, your best bet is to sight tight and let Bohemia work its magic.

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