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PS4 Error Code CE-30035-1, How To Fix – Guide

PS4 Error Code CE-30035-1, PS4 CE-30035-1, Can’t Access Downloaded Games. The PS4 Error Code CE-30035-1 has been cropping up quite a bit lately, causing a lot of frustration for PS4 owners as they’re unable to access their library of downloaded PS4 games. The problem means that your system has deactivated all of your game licenses.

PS4 Error Code CE-30035-1, How To Fix

If you get this code then your system has deactivated your game licenses and therefore blocking you from accessing your content. There is a known remedy for this problem, as detailed below.

– Account Management
– Sign Out
– Sign In
– Activate as Your Primary PS4
– Restore Licences

There is a chance that you may not be able to restore licenses on the first try; if so, then you may get another error code, after which you should try again. If some licenses couldn’t be restored after the process, you may receive error code NP-39227-3.

Rest assured if we find any other solutions we’ll be sure to update this article.

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