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War Thunder
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Air Combat
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November 15th, 2013
Release Date (UK):
November 29th, 2013
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Gaijin Entertainment
Gaijin Entertainment
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also available on PC.

About War Thunder

War Thunder allows players to hop into the cockpit of a variety of planes from World War II to the Korean War, and part in large-scale aerial battles where the likes of Spitfires, Zeroes, Focke Wulfs and Yaks compete for air superiority.



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War Thunder is a gorgeous-looking and extremely competent flight combat game, though the lack of some of the PC version's game modes means it has yet to reach its full potential.

We like

  • Stunning visuals
  • Superb line-up of aircraft and varied maps
  • Solid microtransaction options

We dislike

  • Lack of game modes, which are present in the PC release
  • Grinding for higher-tier planes/upgrades requires copious amounts of play time
  • Matchmaking can occasionally feel unbalanced

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The PlayStation 4 launch line-up may have suffered from some notable blemishes in the form of several major delays (InFamous: Second Son, DriveClub and Watch Dogs), but that has actually worked to War Thunder’s advantage. Had those aforementioned games seen release, Gaijin Entertainment's competent World War II flight combat title would have probably been lost in the deluge of software on Day One. Delayed in the U.S., Wa...

War Thunder News

  • War Thunder heralds the arrival of new British fighters and bombers

    Gaijin Entertainment is kicking off the announcement of some big additions to War Thunder by revealing some of the new British aircraft that are set to be introduced to the PS4 MMO, free-to-play shooter. “The aircraft announced are a part of our vision to ultimately have complete aircraft tre...

  • War Thunder PS4 cross-platform play now available in Europe

    Gaijin Entertainment has announced that cross-platform play for the PlayStation 4 version of War Thunder is now available in Europe. Users can now experience online dogfighting and ground-based battles alongside PC and Mac gamers, which up until now had been unavailable. The update comes as p...

  • War Thunder Ground Forces invades the U.S.

    Gaijin Entertainment's War Thunder: Ground Forces is available today in the U.S. on PlayStation 4. Having enjoyed a successful launch in the U.K. and Europe some months ago, U.S. gamers can now enjoy everything the World War II dogfighter has to offer, including the brand new Ground Forces expansion...

  • War Thunder is finally coming to PS4 in the U.S. next month, includes Ground Forces expansion

    War Thunder, the free-to-play World War II dogfighter developed by Gaijin Entertainment, is finally launching in the U.S. for PlayStation 4 on June 3. Originally launched on the PC back in early 2013, War Thunder was released as a launch title for PS4 in Europe, though failed to turn up in North ...

  • War Thunder PS4 update 1.37 released, get all the details here

    Gaijin Entertainment has rolled update 1.37 for the PlayStation 4 version of War Thunder out of the hanger. Fans have been clamoring for the update for a while now, and as expected, the patch - which weighs in at just over 3300MB - adds a wealth of new features, planes and fixes, including a who...

  • War Thunder dev hoping for January U.S. release

    Gaijin Entertainment has said that the company is hoping to release its World War II-based dogfighter, War Thunder, in North America at some point this month. The free-to-play title was released in Europe alongside the PlayStation 4 on November 29, but missed the U.S. release for undisclosed reas...

  • War Thunder well prepared to cope with millions in cross-platform PS4 and PC battles

    With the launch of any MMO, you can expect bugs, lag and latency problems and server issues, but Gaijin Entertainment doesn't appear to be too concerned ahead of the launch of PS4 exclusive War Thunder. War Thunder is cross-platform compatible, combat flight game that will bring together PC and PS4...

  • 'War Thunder on PS4 looks as good as a PC on its highest setting', says Gaijin

    In an exclusive interview with PSU, War Thunder developer Pavel Kulikov talks about working with the PlayStation 4 in preparation for its ambitious cross-platform MMO which will be available at launch in November. When asked if the graphics of the PS4 version were scaled down from the PC version he...

  • War Thunder has PS Eye support, PS4 'very powerful' says dev

    War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of its World War II combat sim will included PlayStation Eye support. “We’re using PlayStation Eye camera for the head-tracking, so the player can look around his aircraft without using the gamepad...

War Thunder Features

  • War Thunder PS4: a beginner's guide to the RAF

    The Royal Air Force, more commonly abbreviated as the RAF, is one of the most diverse and user-friendly air forces in War Thunder. Boasting a diverse roster of aircraft, the Brits are equipped to tackle almost any situation, and best of all, are the best air force to get to grips with if you’r...

  • War Thunder PS4: why there's no better time to join up

    Last week marked the long-awaited launch of Gaiji Entetainment’s World War II combat sim War Thunder in the U.S. Originally released in Europe alongside the PlayStation 4 back in November of last year, War Thunder has already attracted a loyal following, and has amassed millions of players ove...

  • War Thunder PS4: 5 awful newbie tactics

    War Thunder is a tricky game to learn the ropes for, and even more difficult to master. As such, all of us at one stage have fallen under the umbrella of a newbie pilot, falling foul to amateur mistakes, dogfighting against superior planes or plunging into the ground during an ill-fated dive bombing...

  • War Thunder PS4: 5 tips for newbie pilots

    War Thunder was one of the hidden gems in the PlayStation 4’s launch line-up (at least in Europe; the game still isn’t out in the U.S. yet), but like most of its contemporaries, it’s a little daunting at first. What country do you opt for? What’s the best dogfighting tactic? ...

  • War Thunder interview - Gaijin talks PS4 launch with console's most action-packed MMO

    The following interview was conducted with War Thunder developer Pavel Kulikov who talks to about a range of current industry topics while giving readers an insight into Gaijin Entertainment's ambitious flight combat MMO and how it's shaping up for the launch of PlayStation 4. PSU: How do...

  • Gamescom 2013 Awards - Best Simulation

    The Winner - War Thunder The demo of the PlayStation 4 launch title War Thunder was lauded at Gamescom 2013 for its explosive World War II aerial battles. The gameplay of War Thunder seems fit for the PS4, or more specifically, the DualShock 4. The effect of mapping the controls out to those dua...

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