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  • Mass Effect's original concepts: Tali's original face, infant Human Reaper and more

    BioWare has revealed a number of shelved ideas and concept art from the Mass Effect trilogy. The details come courtesy of Matt Rhodes, a veteran designer with the celebrated developer, who divulged some interesting plot concepts regarding Commander Shepard’s battle against the Reapers. F...

  • PS3 Mass Effect sees 'huge gains in performance'

    The PlayStation 3 version of the original Mass Effect has benefited from a number of enhancements over its Xbox 360 counterpart, BioWare has revealed. Speaking on the PlayStation Bog, Ryan Warden, the external producer on the Mass Effect Trilogy, revealed that the partnership with Edge of Reality...

  • Mass Effect Trilogy official trailer released

    BioWare released the official trailer showcasing the upcoming trilogy release of its acclaimed series Mass Effect. The Mass Effect Trilogy package comprises of all three Mass Effect games with the 1st Mass Effect having its first ever release on PlayStation 3. The first Mass Effect will also r...

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