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How To Slide In Madden 20 PS4

Madden 20, like any American footie game worth its salt, requires you to know how to perform all techniques available to you to secure and defend the ball. Sliding is paramount to this, but it seems folk are having trouble with how to slide in Madden 20 PS4.

If you’re stumped at how to perform this manoeuvre, then look how further than our quick and handy guide. You’ll be slidin’ like Will Smith in the music video for Men In Black in no time! Or maybe not…

How To Slide In Madden 20 PS4

To execute a slide in Madden 20 PS4, simply hold down L2/R2 and then press Square. Easy! Don’t forget to make use of this handy technique as much as possible during a game, or you won’t be able to conquer the match as effectively without it.

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