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Nothing to do with been good or bad.its their system that sucks....If they had a valid reason i would have been banned now.I just hope it will not happen again cause i already deleted the Ps4 one.
I dont know,i have a gazillion programs on my Pc and most likely their anti cheat system is triggered by one or more?Its weird that i can find a game properly on Ps4 with the same account while i cannot find with the PC....Let alone that when i eventually do many are hackers that one shoot you from miles away.On PC running with a bazooka is as fast as a pistol on Ps4...
Guys anyone is playing warzone on Ps4 and PC?2 days ago i got shadow banned on Pc while i can play fine with the same acc on Ps4....I wanted to play on Pc cause the game is so much faster there.
Why'd they shadow ban you? I believe the ban only lasts for around 4-5 days so it sounds like you're almost through it anyway