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Almost done with FFVII Intergrade. What should I play next? Demon's Souls, AC Valhalla, Ratchet & Clank or Horizon Forbidden West?
Finally got a new GPU. Cyberpower sent me an EVGA RTX 3080 Ti XC3 12GB as a replacement for my Gigabyte Ultra Gaming GPU. Just got all the drivers updated and hoping to start streaming again this weekend.
Nice. That'll rip through literally everything. I'll be upgrading my 3060 laptop to a 3080 Ti here in the near future. Just waiting for them to start coming out in July.
Hey, it's your old flame Noxia. Hope you are well. Coming to the USA in April finally! Unfortunately, not near you but there's always next time. Do you keep in contact with any of the old NFL thread people?
Noxy sighting! I'm do well, thank you and I hope you are as well. And I don't, haven't seen the old NFL thread folks in years since everyone has stopped coming to the site. I also hope you have a great time here in Murica!
I just can't let go of the past, kinda sad though when I think how much time I used to spend here. BTW, not sure if you even play PS anymore but if you do add me, I'm sure you can guess what my PSN name is..