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Is Void Bastards Coming To PS4?

Is Void Bastards coming to PS4?

Void Bastards PS4

Yes! Void Bastards is out now on PS4! You can read our review right here.

Still, for the time being, a Void Bastards PS4 launch seems to be off the cards. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if we hear anything more, so stay tuned.

What Is Void Bastards?

Void Bastards is a strategy shooter that plucks inspiration from BioShock and System Shock 2, and tasks players with leading the game’s titular rag-group out of the Sargasso Nebula. You’ll need to use your thinking cap here, though, as Void Bastards puts you firmly in charge of the action; you’ll need to make decisions on where to go in addition to simply being a crack shot.

Boarding derelict spaceships, players will have to play out their mission by taking note of the layout of the ship, its hazards, and enemies lurking within. Supplies are dotted throughout each ship, but you’ll have to make careful decisions in regards to what path you take, whether that be to bring the power back on or disable the ship’s defenses by directly attacking your enemies.

Players can expect to squeeze 12-15 hours out of the campaign, and with an endless supply of prisoners, you’ll always have a reason to keep pushing forward.

Void Bastards is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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