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Is Cuisine Royale Coming To PS4?

Is Cuisine Royale coming to PS4? Darkflow Software’s brutal online shooter launched for the PC and Xbox One back in 2018, and quickly made a name for itself due to its application of realistic weaponry and bizarre, demonic rituals. As such, folk have been quick to ask if a Cuisine Royale PS4 release is on the cards.

Cuisine Royale PS4

Good news! A Cuisine Royale PS4 release is actually out now, and you can download it via the PlayStation Store! Get stuck in!

Cusine Royale PS4
Cuisine Royale PS4 – Yep, this game is crazy.

What Is Cuisine Royale?

Here’s a full list of features via the game’s official website.

  • Massive and intense PvP battles: dozens of players head out from different parts of beautifully crafted and picturesque location, starting only in their basic suits and fighting all their way to the center of a battlefield that is constantly shrinking in size, pressed by the wall of deadly Dark Zone.
  • Constantly growing number of very realistically modeled weapons and combat armour. Try to master them all – we do not compromise on physics of ballistics.
  • Win by using all your battle skills and traits: rush or be stealth, snipe from the distance, or shoot point-blank, place precise shots from bolt-action or hold fast to heavy machine gun. Backstab, hack, smash in melee with arsenal of cold steel and blunt weapons, or blow those loosers into pieces with grenades and rockets. Fly with the jetpack spraying bullets from the sky or request own orbital supply airdrop – and start a fight over it’s content.
  • Also be welcome to use demonic powers! Draw bloody mystic seals or conduct ancient rituals to heal allies, slow down enemies, set numerous traps, summon zombies or even teleport yourself or your enemy somewhere hell out of the place. But first – gather enough souls of sinners to pay for it – a resource you get for killing your enemies.
  • Couldn not find good helmet or bullet proof vest? Different unexpected items can come as a temporary backup. Just explore the map for useful loot – there are plenty of options!
  • Stand out from the crowd and have some boost to your skills and battle options! Craft and learn new seals, rituals, suites, masks, gestures, tombstones, camera minions, functional underwear and other useful and cosmetic items. You can also purchase optional Story Book that increases rewards per battle and unlocks additional item recipes.
  • Fair play TPV: you can play in first or third person view. In order to mitigate advantage of the latter, every player has a minion with a camera that can uncover the position of a player who is peeking around a corner. So if you see a butterfly or a drone – you should know that you are being watched.
  • Lots of new features added regularly.

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